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Men's Coffee Group Members

The Men’s Coffee Group meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:00 am in the Hibiscus Room at the Town Center. Each meeting has a theme of “Tell me what I don’t know”. Biweekly e-mails outline specific themes, questions and speakers. Contact Frank Kearney 239-495-1615 / 519-471-6154, John Adams 239-948-2429 or Don Martell 239-992-3453 for more information or to be included on the mailing list. The members listed below ask that visitors to this web page refrain from using any of the information shown in any advertising, political campaigning, promotion or fund raising. The "meta tag" for this page instructs web robots not to index this page.

The following list is intended to allow members to contact each other. (y) indicates primarily a year round resident. (r) indicates a renter. Please advise Frank Kearney 239-495-1615 / 519-471-6154 with any errors.

John Adams Co-Chair (y)28855 Vermillion
Paul Adl15332 Latitude
Je Alberti28043 Pisces
Art Aldrich Jr.15238 Latitude
Harold Allen28664 Wahoo or
Pat Antolini15029 Sanios
Vinnie Antonucci28520 Hammerhead
Edward Apalakis28121 Herring
Dan Appel28502 Guinivere
Galt Arthur28011 Pisces
Jay Atkinson 28339 Nautica
Larry Auth15096 Danios Drive'/td>218-770-2997carolpelvit@"
Buck Bachura (y)15455 Orlanda
Bo Barbier28258 Insular
Scott Bacon28508 Finch
Andy Baker15530 Fan Tail
John Baluci28156 Herring
Marci Banks15267 Laughing Gull
Ray Barone15425 Puffin
Bruce Barter28529 Hammerhead
Trevor Barton28851 Vermillion
Ed Bauer15350 Upwind
Neil Beaumont15018 Danios
Richard Benthusen28255 Insular
Stan Bergman (r)15406 Trevalley
Denis Blaise15249 Puffin
William Boyd28039 Pisces
Rich Bradle28994 Vermillion
Jim Bridges (y)28858 Vermillion
Jeffrey Brown (y) 28656 Wahoo
Kellie Brown28201 Village Walk
Bill Browning28380 Nautica
John Brownstone28349 Nautica
Louis Bruno15046 Lure
Leon Bryla (y)15274 Sea Star
Gary Bubb15104 Danios Drive239-405-8083
Art Buchanan28262 Insular
Gerri Burke15068 Cuberra
Robin Burke15068 Cuberra
Terry Burzycki28808 Yellow Fin Trail239-405
Fred Cable28737 Xenon Way239-498-5530
John Cady15525 Fan Tail
Jerry Cage28101 Goby
Ron Cain 28558 Guinivere Way239-405-5802
Jean Calgaro15045 Danios
Mick Callahan28877 Vermillion Lane239-676-8662.
Aurele Campeau28709 Wahoo Drive239-405-8488 or
Don Candito15060 Cuberra
Joe Cannata28033 Eagle Ray
Hugh Canning15409 Queen Angel
Geoff Capes28158 IsletTrail239-676*
Carl Cappadona28373 Nautica
Vincent Caristo15143 Reef
Tom Carrabotta28071 Dorado Drive216-524-1007
Dick Castiglia15250 Sea Star Lane239-949-1036 or
Luc Charron28963 Vermillion
Dennis Christensenen15000 Malayan
Ron Ciani28108 Herring
Vincent Cirillo15380 Scrub Jay Lane914-682-1982
Dominic Colantonio28900 Zamora
Alan Cole28732 Xenon
Eric Condit28301 Moray
Jim Connerty15589 Latitude
Clarke Converse28684 Wahoo Drive239-301-0167 or
Barry Corbett28850 Yellow
Don Cordes15379 Trevally
Bill Cornelius28982 Vermillion
Tom Costin28217 Islet
Mario Couture28729 Xenon
Ked Covey28577 Guinivere
Gordon Cox28704 Wahoo
George Cudnik28350 Moray
Jim Curran15461 Orlanda Drive631-924-1213
Walter Curran (r)15363 Upwind
Carmine Curro28309 Nautica
Don Dailey (y) Coffee28844 Vermillion
Ted Daniel15054 Danios
Bob Davis28045 Eagle Ray Court239-948-5668
George Daetz (y)28725 Xenon
Dale Debeljak15410 Trevally
Bob Denman28198 Islet
Rich DeNoia28105 Herring
Jim DeRose 28542 Guinivere
Phil DeSalvo28918 Vermillion
Bob DesAutel15077 Danios Drive248-889-1719 rsdesautel
Michael DeVolder28898 Vermillion
Ash Dhingra28559 Guinivere
Angelo DiGiovine28252 Kipper Lane
Patrick Dilworth28529 Guinivere
Neil Divver15059 Cuberra
Clement Dulac28568 Hammerhead
Casey Duncan28047 Pisces
Mark Edwards28479 Village Walk Boulevard239-738-3695
John Eiden15042 Cuberra
Don Eckstein15362 Trevally
Jim Ensminger15371 Queen Angel
Richard Eknoian28265 Insular
Peggy and Terry Erdman28262 Islet
Bill Faber28280 Islet
Paul Falco/td>
Frank Fava15406 Remora
Douglas Farkas15088 Lure
Leonard Fazio28986 Vermillion
Jerry Feldstein28776 Xenon Way239-405-7279
Nick Ferrante28174 Islet Trail239-495-8150
John Fieldhouse28517 Hammerhead Lane317
Bob Flayhart15046 Danios
Bob Fortunato28145 Herring
Tom Forster28828 Yellow Fin
Dick Fox15537 Fan Tail
Lynn Fox28831 Vermillion
Paul Fox28556 Hammerhead
Carl Fredeen28032 Eagle Ray
Leon Gahwiler28341 Moray
Kris Gangsaas15054 Cuberra
Tom Garner15098 Estuary
John Gauss (y)28275 Koi
Victor Gedris28240 Jewel Fish
Don Geiger15021 Danios
Nick Gianakos28685 Wahoo
Tom Gibbons28052 Eagle Ray Court239-949-1887
Walt Giesbrecht28309 Moray
Gary Gilberti28708 Xenon Way917-502
Stan Giles28609 Wahoo
Charlie Glasser15339 Bonefish
Rob Glessner15012 Blue Marlin
Richard Goldstein28014 Pisces Lane239-676-1825
Ed GorhamReef
Len Gorer
Bill Greendyke28823 Vermillion
Fred Groehl28512 Finch
Nick Guerra28525 Finch Terrace239-676-9825
George Halsey15033 Danios
Bill Hamilton (y)15174 Reef
Bill Handworth (y)28843 Yellow Fin Trail239-405-8014
Bob Hansen (y) 15058 Danios
Lawrence Hardy28281 Islet
Dean Hargis28640 Wahoo
Stephan Harrigan15084 Blue Marlin239-992-1962 or
Jim Hassan15207 Laughing Gull
Fred Hawkins15417 Queen Angel
Don Head28875 Yellow Fin
Bill Hedges (y) 28520 Finch
Jerry Heeringa28501 Finch
Craig Henning28225 Islet
John Hershey15097 Estuary
Mike Hertz28590 Guinivere
Shelly Hill28898 Vermillion
John Hilson15406 Remora
Del Hinkle15500 Orlanda
Walt Hintz15433 Orlanda
Frank Hockers28777 Xenon
Fred Hodapp (y)28713 Wahoo
Bob Hoegler15016 Blue Marlin
Terry Hort28864 Yellow Fin
Alan Horowitz
Ted Hrinko28513 Hammerhead
Tom Hubbell28159 Islet
Wayne Huston (y)28448 Jewel Fish
Tim Hunter28510 Guinivere
Tom Ingrassia28161 Herring
Ted Inzerillo28238 Village Walk Circle631-334-4445
Frank Iraggi28200 Jewel Fish
Tom Jackson15034 Danios
Bob Jacobs15436 Almaco
Ernie Jarvis15086 Danios
Warren Janz28572 Hammerhead
Bob Johns28653 Wahoo Drive239-947
Bob Johnson28323 Nautica
Jay Johnson15320 Bonefish
Paul Johnson28521 Finch
Bill Jones28504 Finch Terrace
Jack Judge28206 Islet Trail339-221-0600
Jack Just28288 Islet Trail239-947-4880
Robert Kampmann28554 Guinivere
Dave Kandik28275 Jeneva
James Karolides28109 Goby Trail239-676-5998
Jim Kauffman15254 Sea Star Lanen/
Keith Kauffman
Phil Kavanaugh28821 Xenon Way617-610-4995
Frank Kearney Co-Chair28854 Vermillion Lane239-495-1615 or
Bill Kelly28246 Islet Trail239-948-2998
Tony Kennedy 28169 Herring Way239-495-6860
Richard Kiley 28883 Yellow Fin Trail239-948-4309
Jim Kinsler 28601 Wahoo Drive419-420-2211
Peter Klassen28648 Wahoo Drive(239)
J P and Aki Klein28548 Hammerhead
Jim Kley 15369 Laughing Gull Lane
Aaron Knopf 28304 Nautica Way239-390-2909
Clark Knuth 28824 Yellow Fin Trailn/
Frank Kobel 15367 Bonefish Trail239-221-8086
Tom Kocik15006 Cuberra
Jerry Kolynchuk 28544 Hammerhead Lane239-676-7389 or
Walt Koziol28819 Yellow Fin
Bill Kramer28188 Herring
Mike Krashes28239 Jewel Fish
Jeff Krause15087 Lure
Steve Krekus 28884 Yellow Fin Trail239-948-2426
Ted Krull 28345 Moray Drive239-390-7797
Joe Kubica15018 Lure
Bill Kullmann 15008 Blue Marlin Terrace215-275-2449
Lowell Kuntz 28805 Yellow Fin Trail239-495-8502
Larry Kusz 28141 Herring Way239-495-7785
Dan LaChance 15335 Bonefish Trail239-498-6333
Bob Landry28040 Eagle Ray
Stephen Lane28261 Insular
Gary Latz15472 Orlanda
Linda Laughlin28796 Xenon
Steve Lawrence28351 Nautica
Andre Lehmann (y) 15389 Scrub Jay Lane239-947 9425
John Lehockey 15370 Scrub Jay
Bob Leonard15070 Danios
Ray Leonard28612 Wahoo
Gil Levine15359 Trevally
Bob Lindner1533 Laughing Gull Lane239-495-1903
Armand Linzmeyer28269 Jewel Fish
Jonathan Liss15048 Cuberra
Gil Long28701 Xenon
Chris Look 28801 Yellow Fin Trail239-948-1717
Craig Lougheed15422 Trevally
Dale Louis15432
Steve Lucas 15436 Orlanda Drive239-498-9642
Sal Lupo28229 Jewel Fish Lane
Gary Lueneburg28253 Jewel Fish Lane574-277-0040
Dave Lupa 28179 Islet Trail239-947-1243
Les Lutz (y)15451 Puffin Drive239-390-9305
Gordon MacDonald 15076 Blue Marlin
Michael Madden 15429 Orlando Drive239-947-9742
Jay Maher 28851 Vermillion Lane732-597-0328
Tony Malzone 28878 Vermillion Lane239-949-4297
Dave Mance 28868 Yellow Fin Trail315-783-1971
Vin Mandarand28059 Narwhaul
Vince Marchesani 15401 Puffin Drive239-949-9503
Andrew Margulies15408 Orlanda
Don Martell Co-Chair 28945 Vermillion Lane239-992-3453
Bill Massey 15492 Orlando Drive239-992-3837
Jim Massey 28152 Goby
Bob Matheny 28334 Moray Drive239-949-1274
Jim Mathias 15400 Orlando Drive239-221-8030
Mike Maulsby 28925 Vermillion Lane641-529-0812
Sal Mauro 15281 Sea Star Lane 585-233-3056
Diana Mayette15095Danios
Bill McCann28525 Hammerhead Lane239-676-5119 or 978-289-3838
Robert McCarthy 28120 Herring
Tom McCormick 28277 Islet Trail239-992-7792
Joe McGuire 28538 Guinivere Way239-495-9292
Tom McDonald28985 Vermillion
Bill McGurk15355 Trevally
Bill McKenna 28675 Wahoo
Jim McKenna 15355 Upwind
Mike Medders 28655 Wahoo Drive440-567-4762
Dennis Michael 28313 Nautica Lane239-947-1848
Joe Migliore28586 Guinivere
Joe Migliorese 15309 Bonefish Trail239-498-3312
Harry Miller 239-390-7786
Jerry Miller Reef
Dan Milligan15102 Reef
Phil Mitchell15464 Orlanda
Joe Moffa(y) 28847 Yellow Fin Trail516-639-5980
George Morr28552 Hammerhead Lane516-997-9327
John Mowrey15124 Estuary
Randy Mueller28962 Vermillion Lane612-518-1227rdmueller
Pete Mullin 28309 Moray Drive239-495-3410
Craig Musick 15426 Trevally Way239-405-7965
Joe Nardone 128216 Jewel Fish
Ray Naton 28164 Herring Way239-948-3662
Rick Navin15036 Cuberra
Hector Negroni28254 Insular
Jerry Neis28194 Islet
James Nestrick28530 Guinivere
Terry Newcomb28883 Vermillion
Dean Newhouse 28605 Wahoo Drive239-777-0734n/a
Art Nor28260 Kipper
Bob Oatley15126 Reef
Tom O'Connell 28100 Herring Way239-942-5473
Kevin O'Grady239-218-3840
Chet Oliver 28124 Cetation Way239-676-5121
Rob Oliynik28300 Nautica Lane239-676-1522
Michael Pace (y)28709 Xenon Way
Bill Packard 15254 Sea Star
Bob Paddick28847 Vermillion
Tony Pappone 15386 Upwind Drive239-221-8947
Ajit Parekh 15266 Sea Star Lane414-477-0774 **
Steve Parent28706 Xenon Way239-947-6569
John Parisi15091 Estuary
Bill Pascente 285004 Hamerhead
Albert Passuello 15441 Orlando
Carol PelvitDanios
Terry Peters28277 Insular
Joe Perrino 28048 Eagle Ray Court239-676-9290
George Pertesis 28236 Islet Trail239-495-6871
Frank Petrulla 28929 Vermillion Lane239-676-5417
Mark Pister 28501 Hammerhead
Bob Pocis15373 Laughing Gul
Richard Pointer 15499 Orlanda Drive239-949-1262
Marty Pullano 15496 Orlando Drive239-947-2268 or
Jack Pultz28551 Guinivere Way239-689-8616
Alan Rathwell 15358 Trevally Way239-949-4448
Ken Rayner 18537 Guinivere
Jim Regan 15424 Almaco Circle630-435-0725
Graham "Rick" Reichenbach 15343 Bonefish Trail239-495-2233 greichen@comcast,net
Steve Resnick28265 Jewel Fish
Nick Ricciardelli28513 Guinivere Way239-245-7284
Si Riedel 28865 Vermillion Lane239-777-9532
Joe Riley28305 Nautica
Gene Roberts15071 Cuberra
Ron Rodriguez 15374 Trevally Way239-221-7224
George Romanenko 28922 Vermillion Lane239-489-7456
Vito Ramano15071 Lure
Joseph Rosati28500 Finch
Steve Rose28466 Villagewalk Boulevard239
Gary Rothstein15047 Lure
Paasquale Rotondi28827 Yellow Fin Trail239-947*
Jerry Rubin 28545 Guinivere Way239-985-9300
Lou Ruggiero28655 Wahoo
Joe Ruggio 15351 Scrub Jay Lane239-949-6929
Randall Rumble (y) 28933 Zamora Court239-390-5032
Bob Russo15521 Fan Tail
John Russo 28042 Dorado Drive and 15306 Bonefish Trail 239-405-7802
Francesco Sabetta (y)15327 Bonefish
Ed Sadloch15086 Estuary
John Sanvidge28550 Guinivere
Frank Sarno 15354 Queen Angel Way978-808-8689
Steve Schechter15300 Bonefish
Ron Schilling 28312 Nautica Way239-498-3181
Bob Schweigert15226 Latitude
Duane Sears 15405 Orlando Drive859-797-5668 or 215-861-1254
Ron Setera8747 Xenon
John Shane 28509 Guinivere Way203-623-1431
Bo Sharp28285 Insular Way239-676-9512
Steve Sherman28277 Kipper
Roger Shoemaker15026 Danios
Jack Silk (y) 28739 Xenon Way239-450-5903
Larry Simkin 28233 Islet Trail239-992-6140
Mel Simon 28914 Vermillion
Tom Singstock15121 Estuary
Tom Skarada28355 Nautica
Ben Skelton 15359 Trevaly Way248-396-4440 or
Steve Slone (y)28108 Goby
Jerry Smalara 15118 Reef
Dennis Smiertka 28269 Islet Trail239-919-0554
Roger Smith28808 Xenon
Tom Smith28670 Xenon
Ron Sobolik (y)15055 Lure
Jim Solomon15412 Orlana
Bill Soules 28958 Vermillion Lane239-221-8031
Matt Spatzek 15422 Queen Angel Way847-412-8422
Steve Spring 15402 Remora Drive239-498-2332
Ron Stackhouse15152 Estuary Circle705 999 3609
Steve Stark 28336 Nautica
Rick Stauffer28192 Jewelfish
Jim Stedman28979 Vermillion
Elizabeth Stein28951 Vermillion
Neil Stokes28728 Xenon Way
Bob Strasser 28647 Wahoo Drive239-390-9324
Joe Sullivan28705 Wahoo Drive239-495-2670 or 978-667-5191 or
Rene Svobada28247 Jewel
Tom Swanson28059 Dorado Drive
Trent Swendiman28796 Xenon
Bob Sweeney28651 Wahoo
Ron Talley 28951 Vermillion Lane239-495-2166
Daniel Tamburilla 28697 Wahoo Drive609-628-4198
Dave Tanner28104 Herring
Joe Tartaglia15908 Reef
Joe Tartaro 28999 Vermillion Lane239-405-7767 n/a
Sal Tassone28589 Guinivere Way239 985
Ron Taylor 28869 Vermillion Lane518-885-6729
Manny Thomas 28020 Eagle Ray Court239-498-8735 or 961-0480 or
Wayne Titian28560 Hammerhead Lane239 949
Frank Toich28113 Herring
Frank Tona15079 Estuary
Doug Tracey28604 Wahoo>
Ben Troia 15431 Trevally
Luigi Taranto15019 Lure Trail617-640-1269
Craig Tunnicliff15480 Orlando Drive239-992-4581
Ted Turner28487 VillageWalk
Tom Tylka28741 Xenon
Michael Valentine (y)28267 Koi Way239-248-6981
Paul Valentine
Dave Varano15408 Puffin
joe Ventre28148 Goby
Bruce Viani28524 Hammerhead or
Tom Vitale28244 Jewel Fish
Mike Vober (y)28931 Vermillion
Tom Wade 28471 VillageWalk Boulevard239-949-6867
Bob Wagner 15347 Bonefish Trail239-495-1516
Mack Wallis28270 Insular Wayn/an/a
Josef Wandeler15323 Bonefish
Jim Warsing 28500 Hammerhead Lane239-221-8596
Ken Weber 28349 Moray Drive239-947-3938
Les Weigelt 28890 Vermillion Lane239-498-4525
Leonard Weinberg 15278 Sea Star Lane239-405-8111
Jeff Wells15758 Bonefish
Ron Wiggin15358 Queen Angel
Bud Wisniewski 28582 Guinivere Way239-992-8231
Earle Wisniewski (y)28284 Islet Trail239-948-3930
Bill Worcester15049 Malayan
Jerry Wolfe28282 Koi
Tom Wood 28942 Vermillion Lane313-770-6329
Brian Woodhouse 28516 Finch
Mack Worl 15437 Puffin Drive 239-405-8770
Paul Wright 28524 Finch Terrace239-498-7895
Len Yanazzo 28856 Yellow Fin Trail 239-495-3690
Boris Yankovsky15083 Lure Trail239-672-2195boris.avenue77"
Bonner York 28521 Hammerhead
Ray Youmans 28522 Guinivere Way239-791-8978
Stuart Ystebo28125 Herring Way239-948-7357
Steve Zasadil28585 Guinivere Way239-390
Phil Zacks 15456 Orlanda Drive814-881-5051
Bill Zaino28042 Pisces Lane908-328-2441
Fred Zehnder (y) 28271 Koi Way239-948-8669
Bob Ziegel 28689 Wahoo Drive603
Peter Zilko 28812 Yellow Fin Trail239-949-2255
Rich Zimmer 28733 Xenon Way239-405-8458
Rick Zimmerman 28570 Guinivere Way 239-288-6547
Stan Zurakowski 15270 Sea Star Lane585-770-4156

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